Make a plan. Be digital. Fly. Discover yourself. Then settle. And Share.

Make a plan. Be digital. Fly. Discover yourself. Then settle. And Share.

Make a plan. Be digital. Fly. Discover yourself. Find what you need. Then settle. And share.

When I learned how to work online a few years ago, I left Brazil on this mission to find a new country for me. I thought that was it. But now I realize I was looking for self discovery. But I made a plan before I left. I could at least pay for my housing and food with my remote income and I had a strong entrepreneurial and commercial background that kept me safe. I wanted to find who I really was. I couldn’t find what I was looking for in my country. I was feeling imprisoned by a lifestyle I did not want. Not for me, not for the family I plan on having.  If you’re interested, you can read more of the story in this article I wrote years ago.
I have been living a minimalist lifestyle since. Which means that I discovered I don’t need much money to be happy. And I got used to that. Changing countries every 3 months, when my tourist visa is up means it was easier for me to just live out of airbnbs, work from coworkings and live out of my backpack. In my bag, I carry one pair of heels, one pair of sneakers, 2 sets of workout clothes, 1 or 2 nicer dresses and a few other things. I have 1 suitcase in Miami, one in Thailand, 1 in Brazil and 2 with me in Spain.  I learned that I have much more fun doing a picnic at the park than going to a fancy restaurant. I actually discovered I don’t really like fancy restaurants. Not even when someone else is paying the check. lol 

I learned that for me to feel complete, safe and happy, I have to live in a town where I can use my bicycle everywhere. Where I have safe, clean, fast public transport. Where I can walk around till late without being afraid of someone taking my stuff from me.  I need to live in a beach town with good weather 8 months a year,  to be my best healthy version. I need to have good public schools for my future kids for 150 euros per month. I need to have a town as big as Barcelona only 3 hours away so I can go there whenever I miss the city buzz, but I need to live in a place where the “frequency” isn’t so high, like Valencia, where I am living now, for me to focus and have “productive silence” most of the time. I learned that I need to do 6 day silence retreats every once in a while for me to quiet my monkey brain and listen to what is real. I need to meditate and exercise almost everyday for me to feel good. Spending a month each year in Brazil is so much better than spending twelve . And the only way I could learn all that was letting go. Of of my country, my family, my friends, my “safe” income.
Anyway, now I feel I am transitioning into a new phase. Now that I learned what I need and was looking for, I am ready to to settle again and make my “nest”. And it feels so good. That means I will be socializing again with local, non minimalist people who don’t live out of a backpack. I can cost more to hang out with locals. And it’s ok.  I got used to this inexpensive life and got into this “passive mode” where I could work with clients only 6 hours a week  and make around 3 or 4 thousand Euros, which was a luxury for me. That is a third of what I could be making if I had chosen to continue in the corporate traditional world in Brazil. But instead of growing my income, all I was interested in was growing my collection of experiences around the world and getting to know who I really was. And to be honest, my life has never been so good. But now I need to create my nest again. And make these “adjustments”. 

I’ve decided it’s time to settle and prioritize building a family. Time to focus on growing my business projects. Time to hire a local team, who can work with me side by side, face to face, for a change, for us to inspire each other. Time to relax and share with others what I’ve learned so far. I am ready and I can’t wait!
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