Why a podcast?

Why a podcast?

I kept thinking how cool it would be if I had my own podcast where I could let my clients and friends participate in some of the amazing conversations I have with people I meet while traveling the world. Finally, after 2 years of brainstorming on it, I decided to buy the mic and do it.

I had no idea how powerful this tool could be. It opens doors to so many opportunities. I get to practice asking key questions and learn from people I truly admire. And I can share that with my clients and followers afterwards. And the person who was interviewed gets to share their story with their friends and clients if they want to, which is good for them as well. So everyone learns and wins.

My first podcast is called “Exciting Careers”, related to what I do professionally today. I’m a digital business coach experiencing the most exciting part of my professional life and the podcast is a way to share this.

I discovered the Podcast purple app button on my iPhone in the end of 2013. When I clicked on it I saw the list of top 10 podcasts and saw that Tim Ferriss’s podcast was #1. I got curious because I had already read his book years before and had really enjoyed it. The first episode I heard was with his friend Chase Jarvis and I got hooked immediately to the “intimate” format. It felt like I was part of that conversation some how, as if I was right there with them. That’s one way I “surround myself with the people I want to be like”.

So I just kept going back for more and then started looking around for other podcasts and found Smart Passive Income which become my second favorite podcast. Totally different format and awesome just the same.

I was learning so much from participating in these conversations! I started telling all my clients about it and actually giving them a few episodes to listen to, as homework. If I heard a story that had something to do with one of my coaching client’s projects, I’d immediately share it with them. So they all started getting hooked on it and we could later share ideas on the episodes that mattered.

Then I talked my brother into it and he too got into it. We started asking each other “have you heard the new episode that just came out?! You can’t miss the part where they talk about bla bla bla..” so it became a healthy exercise for us, to learn together and share our favorite parts.

Not to mention how much I’ve been learning by listening to myself and trying to correct the way I talk and present myself on audio and video. It’s very hard. There is no learning without suffering, right?

And with this experience, I can teach my clients how to have their own podcast and how they can use them as a way to attract new business opportunities and learning!

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